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Walt C - Alive And Hoping To Return

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Thanks for all the kind words :wub:

I was released from Hospital on Friday, July 28th just two weeks after quadruple bypass surgery. I am still a bit confused, but it is "normal" for me to be a bit dense :)

Slowly I will return to whoever I was. ((((Love))))) to all......

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I am so glad that your operation went well and you are home recovering.

We all missed you on the site and prayed for your speedy recovery.

God was not ready to let you join your beloved Jeannie just yet, and we all still need your words of wisdom.

Get well,


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Oh, WaltC...I am so happy to know that you are home and recovering. I am well familiar with bypass surgery recovery so take your time. Your "site family" will be here thinking about you.

Wishing you a speedy recovery process.

Always Gene!


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Hi WaltC,

I am so very glad that you made it through your surgery and that you are at home recovering. It is so nice to have you back as part of our website family. Take care and God Bless you Shelley

I will pray that you will make a full recovering because we all still need you and your kindness and understanding

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Oh Walt, It is so good to hear from you! We are glad you are on the mend...maybe you can just lay back and read for awhile, we will be here when you are up to us. :) We have all been praying for you and will continue. On the one hand I am sorry for you that you didn't get to join your little Jeannie like you wanted, but know that you still have purpose here in life and when your time is come, you will get to be with her...just as we all will with the ones we miss. We love you, Get Well!

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Guest PattiZ54

Walt - We are so glad you are back! and OK. You just take your time and rest; we'll be here when you're ready.

I popped onto another grief website a few days ago and saw that you had written to them so I knew you were OK and I came here and reported to "the family". I know we were all SO glad to hear you were doing good! Hope to hear from you soon (but not too soon!).

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