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As I posted earlier on another thread, today is my 2year "sadiversary" without my dear, sweet husband, Charlie. I lost him 2 years ago tonight at 10pm from cancer. He was just 46 years old. I miss him terribly, still, as I will forever!!!

I found a website that you can light candles for "lost loved ones" and I wanted to pass it along. I went in and lit one for him and sent the link to friends and family to do so also. The website is www.daycarter.com/candles/.

Take care all of you!


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Dear Ones,

Memorializing your beloved by lighting a candle in cyberspace is a simple but very comforting ritual. If you'd like your candle to burn with others in our Grief Healing group (GfHlg), click on this link and follow the instructions there:Marty, there is also a place to light an eternal candle on thelung cancer support site and it is free - address is lcscgroup@lchelp.com Thanks so much for this site Jane

Light A Candle

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Thank you so much Marty for the site you gave us. I went right away and lit one for Rick. You can email your candle to someone so I sent it to my sister as she was very involved in Rick's illness and grew close to him. Today I recieved a surprise, she had gone there and lit one for me, and emailed it to me. Thank You so much. I'm sure we all appreciate your kind and caring ways Jane

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