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Prayers For Wendy

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Wendy is really going through it and would like your prayers...her mom's cancer is not going away and she's not responding to Chemo so they're going to look into another kind.

Her grandmother (with Alzheimer's) was placed into a nursing home and she just took a fall, now she's wanting to come home, which is hard for the family...

Her aunt is having health problems like Steve did.

Please pray for the people in her life, also for some encouragement for her too.



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Wendy, you are one of the kindest people I have ever come across. You are so giving and loving and open and honest - such a rare treasure in this world. Which makes this news seem totally unfair and cruel. I am so sorry and am thinking of you ... sending my love and hugs. In my prayers for sure. xx

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Dear Wendy,

You've been on my mind a lot lately as I hadn't seen any recent posts from you and were wondering how things are. I'm sorry to hear of all that is happening and appreciate Kay filling us in. I pray that God will wrap his arms around you and hold you and give you strength. I also pray for your mom, your grandma and your aunt, that He will be with them and give them hope and peace.


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I am sorry for the late response I have not been on in awhile because Dan's 2 year death date is coming up and this is the time when he really began to fail and struggle, he went downhill fast. You have been one of my dearest and truest friends ever, I am sending many prayers and love to you and your family. God bless. Love you very much, Kim :wub:

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Hello my family, I don't know what more I can say but thank you for all your prayers and words of encouragement and thanks so much Kay for posting this but most of all for being one of my dearest friends. There seems to be so much going on, but then again that seems to be my life lately, I guess it has been that way for years, just seems like it is starting to get worse as my Mom's cancer is fighting back more now and my Grandmother really doesn't know now who we are and is having a rough time in the home. To visit her is truly heartbreaking and hard for me to even talk about here. I am sorry I have not been here much, but although there are some happy memories here despite all the pain we are going through there are also ones that break my heart, those of you who are close to me know what I mean. I will try to keep in touch as much as I can, I miss you all terribly and love you all very much.

Love Always,


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