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The Wait is Almost Over ​🤞🏼​

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A brief recap - my husband died December 10, 2020. It was sudden and unexpected. The initial autopsy could not determine cause of death so it went into secondary autopsy. I was told it would take between 6-12 months, then the wait began. After 14 months and no answers I was beyond frustrated, and the wait was taking a mental and physical toll on me. I passed the 21 month mark just over a week ago and called the medical examiners office yet again. They said someone would call back. Typically when I called them they'd say I would get a call the next day, which I did. This time I waited a week with no phone call. I called back this morning, left a message for someone to call - then someone called back. I was told the report will be finalized tomorrow and I should receive the full autopsy report outlining cause of death via mail in about a week 🤞🏼

The wait is almost over ...

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Hopefully!  Waiting with bated breath!

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Whatever it contains, know we are here in support of you...:wub:

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