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Hello friends, glad to see you all made it through the weekend, though I know how difficult it was for many. At least we can all be thankful for our family here, and the warmth and compassion which is shared freely among us.

As many of you remember, Wendy`s Mom has been dealing with ongoing difficulties from Lupus and a cancer which seems to defy accurate classification and then suddenly vanished shortly after she had to discontinue treatments because they aggrevated the Lupus condition. She recently underwent the necessary scans to determine whether the cancer has remained quiet and will be receiving the results tomorrow morning. Could you please join me in prayers for Wendy, her Mom Marcia and her family as they wait in this tense and difficult time. It is because we are together that we can continue in this journey. Thank you.

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Thank you for the reminder, Fred.

Wendy, your mom and family are in our thoughts and prayers. May you be blessed with strength and good news tomorrow.



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I will be praying for Marsha and Wendy both...keep us posted.


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As many of you know, Wendy's mom recieved the test results today and needless to say they were not good news. The cancer is showing up on her lungs and lymph nodes, it has also moved to her brain and her colon. She is going to do a MRI tomorrow to show exactly where and to what extent the cancer is in the brain and she is going Friday for a colonoscopy. Basically what the doctors are telling her that because of her Lupus that they can't give her the strength of chemo or any radaition that is needed to get rid of it. So for now they are going to put her on a maintenance plan of Chemo which is supposed to help keep it from spreading but will not be able to get rid of it. Wendy appreciates all of your thoughts and prayers and asks us to continue with the prayers.

Love always


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Wendy must be devastated. I'm glad she has you for support. Of course I will be holding her mother, Wendy and all her family in my prayers. I'm so very sorry she has to be facing this at all, let alone during Christmas.

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Oh hon I'm so very sorry the news wasn't better. I'm praying that your Mom weathers the remaining testing well. And also that the maintenance chemo dose gives your Mom much time and quality time at that. You never know.. so keep all good and positive thoughts going. I'll be keeping you all close in my prayers and thoughts.

Derek thanks so much for letting us know and for posting in Wendy's stead.


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Wendy, Marcia and family,

I am so sorry for all that you are going through. I pray that you will feel the grace and peace of our Lord during this difficult time.



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Dear Ones,

So many members of our GH family are in need of our prayers right now, as they struggle to cope with the serious illnesses of their family members and loved ones.

I want to remind everyone of the Prayer Wall Web site, which serves as a healing prayer circle for those in need.

I also want to share with all of you this beautiful prayer by John O'Donohue, taken from his book, To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings:

May you be blessed in the holy names of those

Who, without you knowing it,

Help to carry and lighten your pain.

May you know serenity

When you are called

To enter the house of suffering.

May a window of light always surprise you.

May you be granted the wisdom

To avoid false resistance;

When suffering knocks on the door of your life,

May you glimpse its eventual gifts.

May you be able to receive the fruits of suffering.

May memory bless and protect you

With the hard-earned light of past travail;

To remind you that you have survived before

And though the darkness now is deep,

You will soon see approaching light.

May the grace of time heal your wounds.

May you know that though the storm might rage,

Not a hair of your head will be harmed.

[source: For Suffering, in To Bless the Space Between Us: A Book of Blessings by John O'Donohue, p. 124.]

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I already sent you a personal email, but I want to reiterate that you have my prayers for yourself and your mom. You are in my heart and in my thoughts constantly. It brings back memories for me of my dad and my mother-in-law...I pray she doesn't suffer much more and God will just wrap His arms around you and carry you through this.

I love you,


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My prayers have been continuous and will be ongoing for Wendy, Marcia and their family. Marcia has been taking the news very well and her positive attitude may be the strongest medicine she could be taking. Please remember that she has already faired so much better than her doctor`s predictions. At one point this cancer even vanished.

If I have learned anything thus far in life it is that the biggest majority of these ¨so-called¨ doctors of medicine don`t have the slightest idea about what they are doing nor even how the human body functions. Their prediction success isn`t even as good as a ten day forcast from the weatherman. There is however, a much higher authority we can appeal to readily, just the way you all have. I`ll keep my faith in this one we call ¨The Creator¨, if anyone should know how we function and how to make a difference in our lives, it is surely Him.

We here certainly all know of the fragility of human life and that no one lives forever, heck, at times I am sure we all have wondered why we are still here. But these things are not for us to know, nor to spend all of our energies worrying about. This is surely easier said than done; but this is the beginning of faith. The best we can do is to ask Him to hold us in his Love as we all try to do our part here.

Love, Hugs and Prayers continually for all ((( :wub: )))

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Just now reading this post...sorry. My husband had an autoimmune disease known as systemic scleroderma (at one time he was tested for Lupus...) - he developed lung cancer since he had no immune system left and they did some chemo on him, but as they are talking about with Wendy's mom, they are not able to give them full strength chemo because it apparently can aggravate the current disease. Unfortunately, in his case, it did no good - in the short amount of time they had to administer the chemo. The GOOD news, for him, was that he passed away with all his hair! (Charlie's hair was very important to him and I've always been grateful that he didn't lose his hair and then pass away anyway..)

I truly am keeping Wendy's mom in my thoughts and HOPE that things will go good for her!!

Hugs to everyone!!


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Hello my friends, how can I thank you enough for all your hugs and prayers, all of you are so dear to me. Thanks so much to Fred and Derek for informing you of what was going on since I had a hard time writing about this. My Mom is okay for now, she starts the Chemo next Friday and we are very nervous as to how she will react again to treatment, we will be sleeping with clothes all ready again to put on in the middle of the night and the phone by the bed or wonder when we need to make a mad dash out the door during work. Since my Grandmother whom is 94 has very bad Alzheimer's and lives with my Mom it is always a matter of who will stay at the house with her and who will go to the hospital with my mother and trying to do shifts. At this point my Mother is being very strong about this, stronger than my sister and I. She is only 67 so it is hard being told by her that she feels if it is her time to go she has lived her life long enough, not what we want to hear. Some of you know how hard this is with cancer, so I may need your advice and support as time goes on if you don't mind. So things should be quiet for now until she starts Chemo the end of next week and if I can't keep you informed I know Derek will for me. Thanks so much again for all your support and God bless all of you !

Love Always,

Wendy :wub:

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